Modern Habesha poncho Kaba by ShegaStore Blue B07QG8D84B



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  • ♦️ ምርጥ የሃበሻ ካባ፤ ከጥጥ እና ፖሊስተር የተሰራ ለስላሳ የሚመች ልብስ በእጅ ብቻ የሚታጠብ፤ ለሁሉም ሳይዝ የሚሆን(Free Size) ፤ከለር እና ብሊች ሳያስገቡ ማጠብ

  • ♦️ ከፈለጉት አለባበስ ጋር የሚሄድ ዘመናዊ እና ቆንጆ ካባ ፤ ለሰርግ እንዲሁም ለፈለጉት ቦታ ይለበሳል፡፡ በቀሚስም ሆነ በሱሪ ሊያላብስ የሚችል ምርጥ ሊኖርዎት የሚገባ የሀበሻ ልብስ በሙቀት ጊዜም ሆነ ነፈስ ባለ ሰአት ቢለብሱት ለአየሩ ይስማማል፤ ለዋና ልብስ መደረቢያ አርገው ሊያላብሱት ይችላሉ፡፡

  • ♦️ This poncho is made of cotton and polyester. Very soft touch and beautiful in design.Hand wash cold. Non – chlorine and no bleach needed.

  • ♦️ Add a style to your dress, pants with a small tops. You can match it with any color. Can be used as a bikini cover.

  • The product shows here is available with several styles, colors and sizes. Please leave us a message on the payment page if the option is not allow to choose. We will ship the product as your request.